Permian Basin

Horizontal San Andres Redevelopment

Historically Proven | Economic in Today’s Pricing Environment | Responsibly Operated

Creating sustainable shareholder value through exploitation of resource-rich Historic Oil Fields by utilizing horizontal drilling techniques to unlock vast remaining reserves. Realizing net profit returns significantly earlier than offset operators within the same San Andres Permian Basin production targets by leveraging existing infrastructure.

Hunter Oil Corp.

Hunter Oil owns and operates two large, historic oil fields in the Permian Basin of Eastern New Mexico - the Milnesand and Chaveroo fields, which together comprise in excess of 23,000 gross acres, held by production. Historical production of these two fields is approximately 40 million barrels. Hunter has engineered a horizontal redevelopment of the San Andres productive zones. The Company plans to unlock the value in these resource-rich fields by leveraging existing infrastructure, lowering operating costs and increasing efficiencies of its operations.

As at December 31, 2017, Hunter has estimated gross 1P Reserves of 15.6 MMBOE, 2P Reserves of 22.2 MMBOE and 3P Reserves of 40.3 MMBOE (million barrels of oil equivalents).

Assets are operated from Hunter Oil's Houston base. The management team has decades of experience in oil production, both internationally and domestically, allowing for a great understanding of operating assets on both state- and federally-regulated lands.

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